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hotComm CL Plus

CL Plus

CL Plus is an upgrade to hotComm CL, providing unlimited lifetime access to more powerful features. It includes:

  • CL Plus users can choose multimedia recording (WMV) for both audio and charts where permitted instead of just audio. See http://www.hotcomm.com/guide/recordingCL.asp. Click here to test .wmv recording.

    Watch Video Watch Demo Video | View a sample WMV file recored using CL Plus

  • CL Plus users can create custom Abbreviation/Expansion messages to complement the standard set plus custom .wav files and emoticons. See www.hotcomm.com/guide/abbreviations.asp. And, you can create your own custom emoticons. See www.hotcomm.com/guide/emoticons.asp.

    Watch Video Watch Demo Video

  • CL Plus users have access to the hotScript feature to display postings from selected people only. You can get a sound alert when someone from your hotScript list posts. See www.hotcomm.com/guide/hotscript.asp.

    Watch Video Watch Demo Video

  • CL Plus users can drag-and-drop files into the typing area for posting into the room, and, where permitted, can send custom sounds into the room by dragging-and-dropping small .wav files onto the Sounds button.

  • CL Plus users are highlighted in the Invited List as a CL Plus user.

  • But you can try it FREE for a week. simply ask your Room Owner to request that CL Plus be enabled in the room, then you can experience these powerful new features for yourself - if you enjoy CL Plus, you can purchase a lifetime CL Plus upgrade for a one-time fee - visit www.hotcomm.com/order.asp and sign up now. Note: "lifetime" applies to the original email address used. It is not transferable to other email addresses.