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Training and Distance Learning with hotComm Pro

Training professionals, Educators and Students can benefit from hotComm and its powerful group interactive conferencing and collaboration features.

hotComm users have more time to research that new article, draft and refine that term paper, or to add new content to their teaching assignments. Physical location is no longer a problem with hotComm - you're just a few clicks away from another student, your professor or the course instructor.

The widest range of multimedia content can be easily and instantly shared, from PowerPoint presentations to full motion video, from Microsoft Word and Excel to digital news articles located anywhere on the web.

Secure and reliable messaging, voice over IP and full motion video are included in hotComm - use the integrated multi-media capabilities and polling features to hold your next training session. Questions can be created on the fly or from a pre-defined list and then delivered to your students. Results are tabulated for quick viewing in both a private format, where only the instructor can see the results, or make the results available to everyone.

Need an opinion from a fellow student, want to discuss your paper with your study group, or would a few extra minutes with your professor really help. No problem - hotComm has both presence awareness and presence detection technology. Visually see who is available, leave a personal note to have someone call you, or ask hotComm to notify you when they're free. No need to use a costly outside conferencing service or manually dial each persons phone number. With hotComm's On-Demand voice and video conferencing technology you can host or join meetings in just a few clicks, right from your desktop.

Want to review a lesson or discuss a specific issue while you're on-line - no problem. hotComm supports desktop collaboration. Co-browsing web pages, collaboration on any document type, real-time viewing of web pages, file sharing, application sharing, and interactive whiteboard discussions are all include. Your students can participate with you, and other presenters, from the convenience of their desktop.

Now your time can be spent, where it should be, with your colleagues and your class. Never be without that important document or any other important resource. If it is on your system, it can be shared with your students, spontaneously and securely.

For an in depth demonstration and explanation of how hotComm solutions can help your company succeed in a virtual world, please register for an upcoming seminar listed on our Solutions page.