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Host Virtual Seminars, Conduct Real-Time Customer Surveys, and Deliver Rich Multi-Media Announcements with hotComm Marketing Pro

Reaching your target market audience in a cost-effective and meaningful way has never been more important -- especially in today's travel-adverse, fiercely competitive business climate.

Building on the wide acceptance of "virtual meeting" applications, 1stWorks has now made it possible to hold not only virtual seminars, but also conduct interactive marketing research, instantly notify your clients when there is an important new announcement, and provide in-depth product information and demonstrations in real time with minimal effort and expense.

Clients and prospects can now interact with your organization's top executives by using just a standard Internet browser. Explore the power of high quality On-Demand Voice over IP and full motion video, display web content, show new product features, hold interactive Q&A sessions with your prospects and customers -- all from a Java-enabled browser. No other product offers more ways to provide a meaningful exchange of ideas than hotComm Marketing Pro.

hotComm Marketing Pro is a complete multi-media communications solution that allows any user to orchestrate a planned or ad hoc event. Only invited guests can attend a hotComm Market Pro event; uninvited attendees are never an issue.
  • Worried about someone disrupting your presentation or keynote address? -- Don't be. hotComm Marketing Pro provides moderator-activated session controls that allow the presenter to "turn-off" any of the On-Demand interactive tools.

  • Want to get a response from your audience on a current slide? -- Just send a question with our unique AE polling feature. hotComm Marketing Pro will tally the results and keep them private or make them viewable for everyone in the session.

  • Need market intelligence on a new product concept? Want to find out your customers' reactions to a competitor's recent announcement? -- Use hotComm's group conferencing and automated message capabilities to get real-time feedback from your sample market.

  • Preview new packaging ideas, demonstrate new product features, conduct random surveys, test market ideas at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

  • Not sure how well your company's messages are being received? -- Try using the web for your next announcement or press release. Have your VP of Sales or Marketing Executive broadcast directly over the Internet to hundreds or thousands of viewers without breaking the budget. hotComm's TreeCast Moderator and Content Relay Manager options make traditional Webcasting obsolete.

For an in-depth demonstration and explanation of how hotComm's Marketing Pro can help your company succeed in a virtual world, please register for an upcoming seminar listed on our Solutions page.