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Virtual Selling and Sales Management with hotComm Sales Pro

Both sales professionals and sales management can benefit from hotComm Sales Pro. No matter where your work takes you, hotComm Sales Pro will help you get to the order - faster. Physical location is no longer a problem - whether you're working from a hotel room, virtual home office, regional office, client's meeting room or corporate headquarters you're just a few clicks away from anyone with hotComm Sales Pro.

Product demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, virtual sales calls with clients or prospects, technical review meetings, marketing updates, proposal reviews, management meetings - these are just some of the useful applications for hotComm Sales Pro.

hotComm Sales Pro capabilities:
  • Application sharing
  • Voice
  • Drag & Drop transfer of contracts or other files
  • Automated phrases
Secure and reliable VoIP, full motion video, and Instant Messaging are included in hotComm Sales Pro - use the integrated multi-media capabilities and Presence Detection features of hotComm Sales Pro to host your next sales meeting or deliver your next important sales pitch. Just a few clicks and your in your meeting. No need to use a costly outside conferencing service or dial the numbers. With hotComm Sales Pro you get On-Demand voice and video conferencing in just a few clicks.

Dynamic Desktop brings your PowerPoint presentations and product demonstrations right to your clients PC. Hosting a virtual meeting has never been so easy and what's best of all, your sales prospect never needs to download any software. The Java based IM-Live client runs perfectly in any standard browser. They'll even be able to speak and chat right along with you.

Want to review a proposal or discuss a service agreement while you're on-line - no problem. hotComm Sales Pro supports desktop collaboration. Co-browsing web pages, collaboration on Word or Excel documents, real-time viewing of web pages, file sharing, application sharing, and interactive whiteboard discussions are all include. Your clients and associates can participate with you and your sales team from the convenience of their office.

Now your time can be spent, where it should be, with your clients and your sales force. Never be without that marketing brochure, customer testimonial or latest price list. Instead of a sending a boring email or annoying voice-mail, use hotComm Sales Pro and bring your clients and prospects closer to you.

For an in depth demonstration and explanation of how hotComm solutions can help your company succeed in a virtual world, please register for an upcoming seminar listed on our Solutions page.