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customer service
Virtual Call Center Solution with
hotComm Service Pro

Virtual Call Center Solution for On-Demand Customer Service with hotComm Call Manager and hotComm Service Pro

Leverage the Internet to provide fast, secure, powerful and more cost effective Customer Service. Customers and new web visitors can now connect to your Customer Service Agents through a standard Web browser with hotComm Call Manager and hotComm Service Pro. hotComm securely and reliably connects customers and visitors to your Service Agents no matter where they physically work - office, home, hotel room, wherever. Improvements in customer responsiveness and improved customer service are realized immediately while simultaneously reducing telephone service charges and improving operational efficiency.

Service Agents can collaborate in real time with customers or transfer an important documents using hotComm's secure file transfer capability. Customers get instant copies of their bills, service requests, payments, order forms whatever.

hotComm Call Manager accepts and organizes the inbound requests from customers or visitors to your Web pages for action by your Service Agents. Then your Agents can talk directly to your customers using secure IM or VoIP or both. Service Agents see the call requests in their hotComm Call Manager display queue. They also see the problem description or request, the referring Web page the callers linked from, and the time of call. Call selection is based on your own criteria, such as first available agent, specialist knowledge, whatever your policy requires. The Service Agent simply clicks on the selected call in the queue. hotComm Call Manager automatically transfers the caller’s connection to the Service Agent who communicates directly with the caller to answer questions in real time. Responses are faster, more focused and more effective.

hotComm can be used with any Customer Relationship Management software solution. Now instant lookups of important information from a local PC, LAN server, or Web based repository are available to hotComm connected Service Agents. On-Demand answers that solve customer problems, that's the hotComm difference.

Need a record of the call? We thought of that also. Call transcripts are automatically written to disk with a unique identity for Customer Service history, management review, or as a training aid.

Now, your customers can leverage Web technology for fast and effective connections to your company. Your Customer Service team can respond with personal and “On-Demand” efficiency to deliver improved responsiveness to customer requests in a most cost effective manner.

For an in depth demonstration and explanation of how hotComm solutions can help your company succeed in a virtual world, please register for an upcoming seminar listed on our Solutions page.