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Join Professor hotComm for hands-on training in how to use hotComm and hotComm Lite!

For more information, contact Professor hotComm.


hotComm or hotComm Lite must be installed and correctly configured on your computer.

Problems with sound or other configuration issues will not be addressed during this session. Please take advantage of our Audio Test room (Target=relay, room=test) and information in the 1stWorks Support area to trouble-shoot problems before class.


The room opens 15 minutes before the class starts. Please connect on time.

Day Time Class Connection instructions Professor hotComm is ...
Thursday 5:00 - 5:30 PM ET Getting Started with hotComm Target=relay, Room=training Kevin Driscoll

Link to the Training Room

To attend Thursday training: start your hotComm by clicking the �hotComm�, �hotComm Lite� or �hotComm CL� shortcut on your desktop. When it has connected to the 1stworks network -- the headphones on the tiny headset icon in your system tray near the Time turn red and blue � then click this button:

Alternate connection methods:

You can connect directly through your hotComm product:

hotComm Standard/Pro - Start hotComm. In the User List, select Relay, then Training. No password is needed.

hotComm Lite - Start hotComm Lite. In the Connect to Target Site pop-up, select Relay:Training and click Connect. No password is needed.

hotComm CL - Start hotComm CL. If you see a chat window, click the Green Person button (you might need to make the chat window wider to see it). If you don't see a chat window, right-click the tiny headset icon in your system tray and select Restore, and then click the Green Person button. Then, in the Connect to Target Site pop-up, select Relay:Training, type in the password (123) and click Connect.