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VoIP Conferencing

VoIP Conferencing with hotComm

hotComm provides a highly advanced VoIP control system for delivering pure natural sounding audio. Presenters control the "level of fidelity" depending on the type of audio input selected and the connection bandwidth of the audience. Select the low-bandwidth settings for presentations and when users are connected with dial-up modems and select one of three HiFi settings when music or other recordings are played.

A Caption Meter provides a visual queue that allows the presenters to focus on the presentation and not the level of audio. Three separate Mic controls allow users to match the volume capabilities of their mic and sound card for optimal audio quality. If you're an attendee in a hotComm meeting, use the Playback properties controls to set your PC for the best possible listening experience.

VoIP Conferencing

Your audience can be on the next floor of your building or on the other side of the World, with hotComm no one is out of reach.

A highly efficient CODEC designed to support low-bandwidth connections makes hotComm's VoIP a best of breed feature.


Additional features in hotComm used for VoIP Conferencing:
  • Remote Presenter Controls allows meeting monitors to accurately set the quality and level of audio.
  • Play WAV files to your audience right from your PC. Music, narrations, or important announcements sound just like a live person.
  • Recorded audio is in perfect synchronization with the images and text.
  • No downloads of streaming software needed so a meeting can be held at anytime.
  • Session Controls support Open Mic, Push-to-Talk or Closed Mic meetings.

For an in-depth demonstration and explanation of how hotComm solutions can help your company succeed in a virtual world, please register for an upcoming seminar listed on our Solutions page.