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Collaborative Conferencing

Collaborative Conferencing With hotComm

hotComm provides a comprehensive and sophisticated set of collaboration and conferencing tools that provide the best virtual experience for "Working on the Web". Online discussions are no longer limited to phone calls or IM exchanges. VoIP, video, file, application, and even your entire desktop can be shared in a one-to-one or group meeting. Users can exchange ideas and ask questions directly to the meeting moderators, a specific individual, or the entire group using easy to see markup tools and pointers.

hotComm's unique interface allows users to begin collaborating in almost no time at all. All of the tools needed are right there on the hotComm console. A simple one-click On/Off architecture allows for ad hoc changes to the meetings content or choice of presenter.

Additional features in hotComm used for Collaborative Conferencing:

  • Whiteboard tools for classroom style learning
  • Pre-defined text and audio messages that allow 2-key stroke access to a library of room messages
  • Session archiving can be enabled at the user's PC or at a central location
  • Web Touring allows all users to navigate a web site
  • Send snapshots of marked up documents to anyone via email or the Web
  • Work on the same document or drawing in real-time saving time consuming email exchanges
  • Drop Work-In-Progress documents into a secure shared folder