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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing with hotComm

Delivering the correct message to your prospects and customers in an easy and cost effective way is critical to a successful online event. With hotComm, any information resource can be delivered in an instant. Just choose one of the seven presentation cameras available with hotComm Presenter Pro and then "click and show" the slide show, chart or graph, document or application.

  User selectable camera options allow total control during an online event.

The Timer control allows fast real-time updates for training sessions or slower updates to accommodate users with slower bandwidth connections.

Send an image of a window, a specific region, an application, or the entire desktop.

Even still video images can be sent with just a single click.

Additional features in hotComm Presenter Pro used for Web Conferencing:
  • Real Time polling for audience response to questions or for ad hoc surveys
  • Moderator controls allow for attendee isolation or participation
  • Session record allows each user to save and then replay the highlights of an event
  • SuperJava based event connections makes joining an event as simple as one click
  • Virtual Event Manager simplifies the process of listing your event, capturing registration information, emailing confirmations, and tracking attendance
  • Superior VoIP technology gives unsurpassed fidelity to your presenters live audio or stored recordings
  • hotComm Web Conferencing can accommodate cost effective presentations to a few attendees or for several thousand participants
For an in-depth demonstration and explanation of how hotComm solutions can help your company succeed in a virtual world, please register for an upcoming seminar listed on our Solutions page.