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Audio is described in these topics:

     Before you Begin
     Audio in Multiple Rooms
     VoIP Settings Window
     Voice-quality Music or Radio
     HiFi Audio (WAVeMix)
     Sounds button
     Windows Sound Events
     Speech Recognition Software
           Also see: Recording Audio and Playback Audio

Before you begin

We recommend that you set up and test your audio before you join an active room or session.

To set up your computer for hotComm audio:

  1. Turn your speakers on.

  2. Test your Microphone (if you plan to speak):

    1. Start hotComm (do not join a room or session!)
    2. Right-click the hotComm microphone button. This opens the VoIP Settings window.
    3. Speak into your microphone.

    If the vertical bar in the Microphone Volume section shows any green, then hotComm recognizes your microphone.

  3. Test hearing audio through a hotComm room.

    Audio test room
    • hotComm Lite, go to relay:test.
    • hotComm Standard/Pro, click Relay, then Test.
    • hotComm CL, click here. The password is 123.
    • IM-Live Java client, click here.
    The test room has a non-stop recording.


  • If you plan to speak a lot, we recommend the following:

    • Noise-cancelling microphone.

    • Headset with earphones. Otherwise, listeners will hear not only what you say, but also whatever plays over your speakers.

  • Microsoft's DirectX 8.1 or higher is required. For more about DirectX, please see Troubleshooting Audio.

  • Sound card. If your sound card is more than two years old, please consider that hotComm is designed for the type of sound system that major computer vendors are delivering with Windows XP multimedia systems. At a minimum, upgrade your sound card drivers.

    Often, updated drivers for your sound card can be found through Microsoft Windows Update, at Look specifically for updates for drivers.

If you have any problems, please see: Troubleshooting Audio.

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