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Audio is described in these topics:

     Before you Begin
     Audio in Multiple Rooms
     VoIP Settings Window
     Voice-quality Music or Radio
     HiFi Audio (WAVeMix)
     Sounds button
     Windows Sound Events
     Speech Recognition Software
           Also see: Recording Audio and Playback Audio


If your audio is set up correctly and someone is speaking, you should be able to hear them. If you cannot hear them, or your sound quality is bad, see Troubleshooting Audio.

Volume and Balance

hotComm uses the Windows volume and balance controls that are set for your computer. You can adjust them through your Windows volume controls, or you can adjust them through hotComm.

  • Windows XP lets you set the volume control for the computer, but does not let you set volume separately for hotComm.

  • Windows Vista allows you to set volume separately for each application that you're running. To set hotComm volume in Vista:

    1. Start hotComm, and join a room where there is audio, such as our Audio Test Room.
    2. Double click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your Windows taskbar.
    3. Click Mixer.
    4. You see a mixer volume control for each application. Scroll to the right to find the hotComm mixer volume control and set it as you wish. Note that the applications must be running and have audio.

To adjust volume and balance through hotComm, right-click the hotComm microphone icon, which opens the VoIP Settings window. In Windows XP, this changes the computer volume settings. In Windows Vista, it changes the volume for hotComm only.

Setting Instructions
Speaker Volume Adjust speaker balance

With your cursor, move the arrow on the Left-Right horizontal scale until the sound is balanced correctly between your left and right speakers.

Adjust speaker volume

With your cursor, move the arrow on the vertical scale up for louder or down for softer.

Audio-on label

If you do not want to hear audio, click the Audio-On label on the bottom toolbar of your hotComm window until it shows the level of audio you want.

Audio button
Audio-On Hear all sound.
Mute-HiFi Turn off audio sent in HiFi mode (the presenter has selected WaveMix as their microphone source ).
Mute-TTS Turn off Text-to-Speech audio.
Mute-Gun+ Turn off predefined Sounds (the sounds on the Ear button).
Mute-All Turn off all sound.

hotComm Windows Sound Events

hotComm Windows Sound Events are managed through your Windows Control Panel. See hotComm Windows Sound Events.

Updated March 25, 2008