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Audio is described in these topics:

     Before you Begin
     Audio in Multiple Rooms
     VoIP Settings Window
     Voice-quality Music or Radio
     HiFi Audio (WAVeMix)
     Sounds button
     Windows Sound Events
     Speech Recognition Software
           Also see: Recording Audio and Playback Audio

Sounds button

hotComm includes pre-defined sounds that you can post in a room or session. Others can hear the sound and also see a text notice, such as <<bell>> or <<applause>>.

Sounds button graphic To send a pre-defined sound, click the Sounds button and select a sound from the menu.

You can also use your own sound files.

Sounds button graphic To send your own sound, drag the file onto the Sounds button. The file cannot be larger than 500K.

Can I mute the sounds?
Yes. Set the Audio-On button to Mute+Gun. (The Audio-on button is on the bottom line of your hotComm window. Click it until it says Mute+Gun.)

Can I add or remove sounds?
You can't add or remove sounds in the pre-defined list, but you can send your own sounds.

Why does the <<gun>> sound like a click?
It randomly plays a gun shot or a click.

Why can I hear the sounds but not people speaking?
The sounds use different technology than the VoIP (voice over IP) that people use to speak. The sounds use AU technology, which plays WAV files.