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Audio is described in these topics:

     Before you Begin
     Audio in Multiple Rooms
     VoIP Settings Window
     Voice-quality Music or Radio
     HiFi Audio (WAVeMix)
     Sounds button
     Windows Sound Events
     Speech Recognition Software
           Also see: Recording Audio and Playback Audio

Voice-quality Music or Radio

To play Internet FM Radio or voice-quality music in a hotComm room:

  1. Right-click the hotComm Mic icon to open the VoIP Setting window.

  2. Set hotComm controls

    Setting Select this ...
    Auto-Select Uncheck Auto-Select.
    Source Select Microphone.
    Quality Set Quality to one of the Voice quality settings (1-4). We recommend selecting 3 or 4 unless you have low bandwidth users in the room.

    Note that the actual Quality level is determined automatically by the maximum quality set in the room profile on the server, and by the lowest quality setting of anyone who has their mic turned on.

  3. Set audio controls

    1. Click Audio Record Controls.

    2. In the Recording Control window, check the Select box for your Wave Out Mix column, or the equivalent Out Mix column for your computer.

      If you do not see an Out Mix column, select Properties (or Options and then Properties) and check the appropriate Out Mix option. This adds it to the columns shown in your Recording Control window.

    3. Close the Recording Control window.

  4. In the VoIP Setting window, click Apply and then Ok. We recommend that you then close hotComm, wait 20 seconds, and restart it, but that may not be necessary.

  5. Start playing the audio source (Internet FM radio, Windows Media Player, etc.) on your computer. When you want to start playing it into the room, turn on your hotComm mic by left-clicking the mic icon.

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