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Features and Benefits

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Features and Benefits
Peer Networking Technology
Uses existing desktop power.
Leverages existing desktop investments.
Avoids server investment, management and maintenance.
Avoids passing content through public servers or storing it on hosted ASPs.
Because your peer list and file list remain located on your own computer, and not on remote servers, they are private and secure.
Instant messaging.
Online meeting.
File sharing.
Data replication.
Automatic backup and recovery.

VNS Server
Maintains common addressing and presence management.
Optimizes network organization and efficiency through peer history.
Allows optional content pass through if direct peer networking is not possible.
Entirely transparent operation to network administration.

Automatic Address Redirection
Allows addressing of your computer with a standard Internet URL, even if you are behind a firewall or router with Network Address Translation (NAT).
To and from connections anywhere, any time through any Access Provider

Windows Client
Uses the power of the most widely available operating system. A single version of the hotComm client runs on all Windows platforms.

Java call-in client
The call-in capability is available to customers regardless of platform.

Customer service
Online software support.

Online Sales
Immediate access to corporate experts.

Secure, encrypted transmission of all content passed between peers -- including text, files, and voice -- prevents unauthorized access to your data.

Signed components
Components you download and install are validated as coming from an authorized vendor.

There is no limit to the number of licenses you can deploy, and up to 255 may participate in a single session.
Group presentations, spontaneous meetings and corporate announcements.

Chat / IM / Multi-media collaboration

Text chat
Text chat is a basic feature of all chat and instant messaging products.

Word by word transfer
Word-by-word display of text lets you communicate immediately, as you do in real speech. Those who prefer to edit their messages in their entirety can opt to send the message at the end of a paragraph.
Flexible, free form, responsive communication.

Text formatting
You can format the text features you see for easy reading. Select bold or italics to identify questions or represent emphasis

Abbreviation Expansion
Keystroke-saving prepared responses let you send commonly used messages quickly. You type an abbreviation and it automatically expands into the prepared message.
You type h1, the peer sees: "Hi, this is Janet in Support. How can I help you?"

Send sounds
Liven up your session with prepared sound effects that can be heard and also seen in the text chat.

Voice chat (VoIP)
Multi-participant, encrypted voice chat lets you talk as well as type.
Peers can stay focused visually on the material you're displaying, while hearing your comments.
Provide commentary for a multi-media presentation.
Comment on a document while updating content.

Silence detection
To improve network efficiency and avoid wasted bandwidth, voice chat stops sending packets when you have been silent for some time. Packet transfer resumes automatically when you speak again.

Direct presentation of Web pages lets you illustrate a point or provide necessary information immediately to a peer or caller.
Peers can share web page navigation, to cooperatively share or find information.
Take callers to the right page on your Website, or to a page in your online User Guide.

hotWeb favorites list
Your Internet Explorer Favorites list is directly accessible in hotWeb, for easy delivery of prepared material.
Set up a prepared Web presentation. Automate web tours by combing Abbreviation Expansion and hotWeb.

Quickly sending a screenshot of a document or any other open window on your desktop is another way of presenting information right now to a single peer or many in a group. Support is available for distribution of static images, timed refresh updates and dynamic streams.
Show the result of a database query.
Share current status on your desktop, even dynamic feeds.
Help desk diagnostics.

Drag & Drop file transfer
When you need to send someone a file immediately, you can drag it from anywhere on your computer and drop it into hotComm. The file is transferred immediately
The file opens in the application the recipient has associated with that type of file. The recipient can see it, save it, and work on it.
Send any file now.

Transcripts provide records of the text portions of your hotComm chat sessions, with indications of files sent and pages visited.
You can print, save, and send emails of the transcripts.
Selecting the email option automatically launches your default mail program and embeds the session transript in the message. Just add the recipients name and press Send

Online / Offline indicators alert callers to your availability.
Multiple online-but-busy status settings let you explain why you're not available.
Instantly identify peer availability on your desktop.
Online / Offline detection presents an alternate button graphic when a peer is offline.
A peer presence indicator lets you know which peers are currently online for file sharing.

Alert when peer comes online
Optional notification when a peer comes online lets you avoid constantly checking for someone you need to communicate with.

While-you-were-out emails and notes
You can send emails and hotComm notes to unavailable peers to let them know that you tried to reach them.
A short message can move a project ahead, even in the absence of a chat.

Invite peers
Add experts, individual peers, and groups to an session (up to 255).
Hold a multi-office staff meeting.

Invite groups
Invite a group of peers to a session, to include an entire office group at the same time.
One click invites all the group members.

Eject peers
Unruly peers can be ejected from a session by the host.

Concurrent sessions
Multiple concurrent sessions (up to 255 concurrent sessions) let you:
* Take multiple calls at once.
* Hold a private session with other meeting participants without leaving the main session or being visible to the main session members.
Support calls.
Sales calls.
Privately discuss a negotiating point with your team before presenting it to the entire meeting.

Public key encryption for all content (except for hotWeb navigation to insecure web sites).

Private key encryption
Private key encryption is optional for sessions between peers.
Prearrange your total privacy.

IM-Live - Instant Online Response Button
You can be reached at the click of a button on your Web page. All the caller needs is a browser.
For use with: Support, Sales, Review teams, or Experts.

Email signature
You can include the button and/or an active link in your email signature, for immediate feedback.
For use with: Support, Sales, Review teams, or Experts.

For the button, use your own graphic or one of the hotComm standard graphics.

The IM-Live client window can be customized with options such as: your photograph, an email link, sounds, your own wallpaper.

Audio and visual notification of an in-coming call alerts you to the new call.

You know the source of your caller, through a hotWeb display of the Web page where the link was launched.
Optionally, you can add referrer codes to the active links, for more specific identification of the source.
Did they call from the Products page, the Support page, the Sales page, or the User forum?

Independent File Sharing

With hotComm, you can leave files for other peers to copy at their convenience. You do not need to be involved in a chat session in order to transfer files.
Data replication.
Work flow.
Collaborative projects.

Any file type
You can transfer any type of file, not just files that you might display during a chat session.
You can transfer any file that your computer can see, including files on CD and network drives.

Auto Update
Once a peer has made files available to you, you can schedule updates automatically, to ensure that you always have the latest version.
Automatic Backup
Collaborative edits.
File synchronization.

Your data is secure. Each peer sees only a folder of files you are making available to that peer.
The folder contains encrypted keys to access the data files, not the actual files.
The file list is private, located on your computer, not on a public server.
Visitors to your Website can see material in specific folders on your computer only.

Notification of uploads and downloads lets you know when a peer is downloading files from you.
Notifications are maintained in a log for future references.

Status indicators
Graphic status indicators identify files that have been added, updated or deleted in your folder on the peer's computer, so you can manage your InBox easily.

Content Search
If you are looking for a file, you can do a wildcard search to see if the file is available, without knowing which peer might have made it available to you or to a peer group that includes you.
Find a specific file.
List all .DOC files.
List all .MP3 files.

ezPeer - Web Publishing
Local web site
Host a web site on your local computer, without uploading to an ISP host or negotiating for a fixed IP address.
You can publish any page that does not require server-side scripting support.

URL address
hotComm address redirection lets others access your local web site with a standard Internet URL.

Peer list
Your peer list is private, located on your own computer, not on a remote server.

Add peers
You can add peers quickly and easily.
Simply look for their email address, select Add Peer and they are added to your personal or group peer list.

Import peers
For convenience, you can import addresses from email exports and choose which to add as peers. Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape export formats are supported.

Share peers
You can send peer addresses to others, for easy populating of their peer lists or work sharing.
Support callbacks.

Block peers
To prevent unwanted connections from specific peers, you can block them either temporarily or permanently.

Peer groups
For easy management of groups of peers, you can set up peer groups. You can invite the group to a session, or share a file with the group, with a single command.

UI Features
Auto start
For full-time hotComm availability, your system can invoke hotComm automatically on computer startup.

Hide when minimized
To maintain an uncluttered look, you can hide the larger hotComm tab when you minimize hotComm, leaving only the small icon in the Windows taskbar.

With moveable, resizeable "sticky" windows, you can adjust the hotComm appearance as you need. Each session can have a different appearance.
Small, always open for quick presence checking.
Large, to accommodate a large amount of text.

For more information, please visit hotComm, IM-Live and ezPeer