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Helpful Hints

Document number: HH.02
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To refresh charts (or other hotCam content):
  • Click the 6th icon from the left in the hotCam *circling green arrows* to refresh the charts or the PowerPoint presentation if it has gone blank or stopped updating. If you've lost the hotCam entirely, please rejoin/relog into the session to regain the data stream

To activate the DayTrainer, left: click on the D in the bottom status bar to the left of the smily face and give it a test drive. The right: hand spinner on the S&P or NAS value will spin into the whole number. Select # or Contracts, the Price, then hit Long or Short. Spin the Price, then hit Out to leave. You can even pull off less than the starting number of contracts gradually as the price moves. Clicking the button under the OUT "Hide Day Tally" will save valuable real estate on your desktop during the day. If you are only "Paper Trading e.g. not REAL money" please be sure to click the "paper" button for compliance purposes.

Helpful hotComm Hint: Click your mouse cursor in the Transcript Panel. Then hold the Control key down and rotate your mouse wheel... This will increase or decrease the font size in the panel.

The Defaults for hotComm Lite/CL are:

Bold Blue: Any Moderator Messages
Bold: Any line containing an ! (i.e. an exclamation point)
Red: Any line containg a ? (i.e. a question mark)

Hint 1: You can grab the top bar of the Invited List and drag it outside hotComm and park it somewhere on your screen. Next stretch it vertically. Now you can shrink the hotComm panel. If you drag it over the right border of hotComm it will latch on the right like some other conferencing products. Note that clicking on the Nickname button at the top left of the list will sort it by name and make finding someone easier.

Hint 2: You can send a Private Message to another user by right: clicking on their name in the Invited list and select Private Message. OR you can double click the participants name in the hotComm Invited List. If you're unable to get a private message box, or see a symbol similar to a No Parking or No Smoking sign, your room Moderator has disabled participants from private messaging anyone but another moderator. Note that within a private message exchange, these are exclusive to the sender and receiver ONLY. Even the BOT user cannot see these.

Only using hotComm STD/PRO or above, if allowed by your room moderator, you can right click another user in a live session and "Invite to Private Session" that user. A Private Session (considered a P2P) with another user can but not may be able to include file-sharing, voice and hotComm Timed Camera display (dependent upon the Moderator's session control choices) and/or your and your peer's internet bandwidth strength levels and/or PC system resources available to you in memory.

Hint 3: To Change or silence the Sounds in hotComm, To modify hotComm sounds to your own selections, you can use your Windows Control Panel, choose, Sounds, select the Sounds Tab or Sounds & Audio Devices and scroll through the list of Windows Sound Events list to find hotComm, then set them to what you like from the drop: down list below or browse for your own .wav files.

The Audio-On button on the bottom left corner bar will mute the pre: recorded sounds like the gun, or bells by pressing it once again (labled "mute: gun"), the next press mutes the voice AND the room sounds, (labeled "mute: all") in the session and a 3rd press goes back to normal = all sounds or labled "Audio: on").

**NOTE if you leave your hotComm session and exit with the sound on "Mute: All" you will resume a new session in Mute (i.e. no sounds) status, so click the label again to resume audio before requesting help.

Hint 4: To change your identity in hotComm CL, simply left: click "Change My Nickname" in the top of hotComm CL, change your name and/or email in the white boxes and click OK. The name change will be in effect the next time you close and reopen the program.

In hotComm Lite click on Options at the top of hotComm Lite and select, "Change Identity" : change to the desired new screen name in the white box and click "OK".

In hotComm Standard, hit the M option at the top left and change your name under Normal Peer.

Hint 5: If you loose the Invited Peer List, Right: click in the grey area on the right of the Close Session button and select Show : Invited Peers...

Note also that un: checking the Simple Control option in this menu will expose many other Lite/CL options i.e. Print, Save, Web co: browsing and much more...

Hint 6: If you are a poor typist, hotComm: Lite/CL allows you to select Line mode vs. Word: by: word mode by clicking on Word or Line in the bottom status line. In groups over 20 people, Public peers will auto: default to Line mode,

Hint 7: When you left: click your mouse in the Transcript Panel, hotComm stops it's auto: scroll to enable you to browse without "jumping". To resume auto: scroll, simply left: click in the Message Panel (typing panel).

Hint 8: Current hotComm Lite/CL Abbreviation Expansions are: brb, ga, gj, gm, i, lao, lmao, lol, mirc, np, paltalk, rofl, roflmao, rotflmao, sh, sld, teh, thx, tks, tnx, tu, ur, wtg, yw + certain rude 4: letter words are deleted.

Hint 9: The symbols beside Nicknames in the Invited panel have the following meanings:

Red headphones= The Room Server roBot or Remote Sysop
Blue headphones= Room Moderator with hotComm Pro.
Green headphones= hotComm Standard user with In status.
Pink headphones= hotComm standard user OUT/DND status..
Yellow L= hotComm Lite/CL user with "In" status.
Pink L= hotComm Lite/CL with "Out" status.
Cyan J= Java (Browser) User
Cyan J w/ red hook= Firewalled Java User.
A Green dot is you, others see you as above.

Note: When any symbol is replaced by a Microphone icon, Mic is active and the user moves to the top of list..