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Dynamic Address Redirection

ezPeer is one of the newest addition to our hotComm technology. Read on and find out more about this innovative and inexpensive solution for managing global visibility.

1stWorks Peer Network extends patent pending technology to provide dynamic address redirection for Web sites hosted on computers with dynamic IP or port addresses. No more servers to update, your own computer is your web site, its IP address is updated whenever you access the Internet. The 1stworks Peer Network and the Virtual Network Server automatically manages dynamic address redirection and makes the Web site on your own computer visible to the World.

Free Trial
1stWorks Corporation is pleased to present a FREE trial of hotComm, including a fully functional trial of IM-Live and ezPeer. If you choose to purchase any of these products, any unused trial time will be added to your total license period.

More Information
1stWorks Corporation has announced the release of hotComm-ezPeer, its innovative and inexpensive solution for managing global visibility and access to your own Web site hosted on your own computer. No remote servers to manage, now you can host your home page on the Web from your own computer and still have visitors find you, even though you only have a dynamic IP address, randomly assigned by your Access Provider, which changes every time you connect. Simply install ezPeer. With the 1stWorks VNS, in conjunction with the Web's DNS, you can create and maintain your own virtual identity, for example www.yourname.ezpeer.net for others to see. Your web page is hosted by you, on your own machine, no files to move, no problems with stale content. The combination of the DNS and 1stWorks VNS means requests for your Web page will be effortlessly redirected to your currently active IP address. Visitors can find you with any browser, consistently reaching your Web presence.

ezPeer is far more flexible than your current hosting alternatives which require hosting your web site on a commercial portal with all the attendant restrictions on the amount of content you can offer, controls over posted content, not to mention the portal�s banners which appear every time anyone visits your web site.

ezPeer manages redirected connections across the 1stWorks Peer Network, a highly innovative and patented peer networking address management technology, designed as the foundation for enabling a new generation of peer networking software solutions. 1stWorks Peer Network is optimized for connectivity in serverless peer networks, delivering high performance and security for communication and collaboration from any desktop.

The 1stWorksPeer Network manages these connections through the its Virtual Network Server (VNS) which complements the similar functionality of the Web�s Dynamic Name Server (DNS). The VNS is specifically designed to monitor and manage the dynamically allocated IP addresses (or port numbers for NAT protected users) issued by Access Providers or Corporations when users connect to the Internet. The VNS enables these connections by relating the dynamic IP address or port, which changes every time the user connects to the Internet, to the user's email address, which is relatively constant. Only the management of the current location of registered users requires a central server, the client software handles everything else.

All you need to install on your computer to create this visibility, so that anyone else can be redirected to your Web site, is hotComm, the 1stWorks peer client, installed and running on your computer. In addition to supporting your local Web site, hotComm enables you to collaborate with other hotComm users, supporting global Messaging and File Sharing, just like the hotComm client you can buy for collaboration. Since there is no central server managing data flow, there is no single point of failure or gateway for unauthorized access. In hotComm, security is further insured through the use of a streaming cipher of all session data encrypted with a unique key based on the specific combination of the particular session and the individual participants.

1stWorks has made performance, security, redirection and scalability the foundation of its Network. Connections are established through innovative state machine technology and transfers are made using UDP for superior performance. And remember, Serverless connections means less expense, less network management, more flexibility and more security.