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Upgrade Tips

These tips are helpful for new hotComm Standard users who have just upgraded from hotComm Lite:

How to join a room:

To join a room, find the Users List in the top left corner of your hotComm window. Click the green icon in front of the relay, and then click the roomname. (If you do not see a Users List, click View, and check Users List.)

For example, if the room address in hotComm Lite was relay:Support, you would click Relay, then select Support.

hotComm Standard/Pro does not have a Green Person button.

Multiple rooms at the same time:

To open a second room, select Session, then Create New Session. This opens a new hotComm window, where you can join the second room. If you do not see a Users List with relays, select View and check User List.

You get chat and charts from all rooms at the same time. You get audio from only one at a time.

hotComm seeks audio between the rooms, or you can choose which room has audio. To choose audio, click the message underneath the Invited List (this message says "S1 Ready" or "Mic is silent", etc.). The text turns red. This room has audio focus until you click the message again, or click the message in a different room.

Session Recording:

You can record a session in either hotComm native format (.HCR) or Windows Media format (.WMF). Please see our online user documentation for information about setting up and recording, at

Note that recording and playback require considerable computer resources.

Note also that moderators may disallow recording in the room. Please check with your room moderators regarding their policy on recording.

Updated May 19, 2008