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hotComm About hotComm
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hotComm delivers powerful collaborative functionality which can be applied to address specific business situations, especially those situations which can be enabled and enhanced through secure and spontaneous group collaboration in multiple media forms. This flexible collaboration may feature exchanges of text, voice, co-browsing, data transfer and application sharing, connecting colleagues and customers, securely, from any desktop in the world with Internet access. The hotComm peer client even creates secure connections to prospects and customers with a browser connection without installing a client. Examples of hotComm in use, where session peers have the full functionality of the installed hotComm client.

In these examples, all participants (peers) have hotComm installed on their computers. All capabilities are available to each peer.

* Online Corporate meetings and Presentations - immediate dissemination and decision. Peers can securely exchange content in multiple media forms, text, voice, data and applications. Any peer in any location can present information to the session members in any supported form right from their desktop. Voice adds explanation to the content. Peers may launch separate, secure, but parallel, sessions with other peers for a "confidential sidebar" exchange within the group or to seek opinion from others outside.

In the creation of a Press Release, the drafting might involve both PR Agency staff and the Company staff. The approval process can be integrated such that Legal review and Management approvals come from invited peers who join later in the session.

* Distance Learning and Corporate Training applications - simultaneous information delivery and interaction.

One Presenter hostcan deliver content directly to multiple session members. The interactive and real-time feedback capability means that open issues and questions can be addressed immediately.

* Purchasing Agent interaction - instant transcript recording and delivery.

hotComm optionally provides for automatic capture of transcript for any peer session. In a Purchasing Agent/Vendor transaction the exchange of data between the Peers will likely include price, availability, delivery and terms. With hotComm, the record is defined and clear. The transcript is emailed to the participants, or archived for future use and analysis, or both.

* Knowledge management - real time capture of corporate wisdom.

Corporations can add a "phantom" hotComm peer to any session or selected sessions between Peers on the network. This peer connection, which can be located anywhere on the Internet, is unmanned but acts as the recorder of the session. In some instances this data can be periodically input to a knowledge management analysis engine that is used to distill and codify corporate knowledge.

* Data replication - automatically creating copies of data files for peer synchronization, or to ensure availability in an emergency.

hotComm supports synchronization and backup between files located on any peers, at any time, to any other peer machine on the Internet. The transfers are launched based on peer defined triggers specifying update frequency and time frame. The peers can be located locally or off site. In a small company, the target peer could be the owner's home machine, automatically addressing the requirement for off site storage of corporate data. In any size organization, the synchronization feature could be used to update data files between distributed peers.

* Project communication - sharing document updates at convenient times, conferring instantly as necessary.

With hotComm file sharing, project team members can make updates of documents or project files available to other team members at any time. Team members can get the updates at their convenience, or automatically. When they have questions or comments, they can quickly communicate with others through hotComm.

* Virtual Private Network - use the Internet network as the infrastructure for a private network of hotComm clients.

Securely communicate instantly, meet online, and share files between offices or groups, using the Internet infrastructure instead of a traditional private network. With your own 1stWorks VNS Server, you can even control the addressing and presence information.

* Remote retrieval of office files - use hotComm to retrieve office files while you are out of the office.

If you have hotComm accounts for both your laptop and your office computer, you can make files and folders on your office computer available to your laptop. Leave your office hotComm running while you are out of the office, so that you can retrieve files from it while you are on the road. Your colleagues can make files available to both your accounts, or, using hotComm's ability to transfer contents of a folder automatically - including newly added files as well as updates - files can be passed from your colleagues to your office computer to your on-the-road laptop.

Examples of hotComm in use where the joining peer has only a browser based connection, with no installed client.

In these examples, customers and colleagues use the IM-Live Java applet to connect to a hotComm peer. The applet is typically launched from an active link behind a button on a web site or in an email signature. The caller needs only an Internet browser.

* Online Catalog Sales - Improved effectiveness and closure rates.

* Customer Service - Improved satisfaction and responsiveness.

When a customer has a question, clicking the button launches an immediate and secure connection right from their browser to the Customer Service Agent representing the Company. Using 1stWorks address redirection technology, the Agent can be located anywhere there is Internet access, such as in a different state or country, providing rolling coverage between open time zones of global companies, or offering third party Customer Service coverage for smaller vendors. hotComm's abbreviation/expansion feature allows delivery of frequently used text responses for easy Agent typing and better perceived customer response. Co-browsing helps the Agent direct the transaction, present any catalog page, answer questions, even move the customer to the Order form. Immediate, secure, responsive support reduces abandoned transactions, increases customer satisfaction and generates increased revenues.

* Product support - combining skills in a call for increased customer satisfaction and improved training

In addition to customer service functionality, Product support uses the ability to connect multiple hotComm peers in any session. If a caller needs specialist assistance, an expert from your Peer list can be brought into the session. Trainees can be added into active calls to see all the session traffic as it occurs and learn from the more experienced staff about process, problems and solutions, all in real time. If a caller needs product information or a section of a manual to solve a problem, you can send the appropriate document instantly by dragging & dropping it into the session window. It is transmitted automatically and immediately, and the Customer can even save and print it locally. You can take the customer directly to the documentation or FAQ page on your website to answer their questions.

* Spontaneous Meetings and Presentations.

Send an email to any group of participants, from Industry Analysts to Fan club members, invite them to connect to an embedded active link in the message at a certain time and date or visit a web page to click the link. This automatically creates a moderated chat and presentation session from the hotComm peer for all group members. All the session members see the same content simultaneously, any questions can be typed from any location and answered immediately. The content from the hotComm peer could include a PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or any combination of supported content.

* Internal Experts - improve internal responsiveness and efficiency.

Today, corporate staff need the same level of instant responsiveness internally as outside customers do. By adding IM-Live buttons to internal applications, employees and managers can get immediate answers from the right experts, as needed. With hotComm, the experts have access to all files that are accessible from their local computer as well as the ability to show materials from web-based applications.

* Road Warriors call home.

Road Warriers with access to the Internet but outside their cell phone area can call into hotComm peers back at the office through their IM-Live links.

* Examples of hotComm in use as a web site.

In these examples, customers and colleagues use their browser to access a hotComm peer's ezPeer web site. This is a set of pages located in the hotComm /WEB folders on the peer's computer, but accessible through 1stWorks Address Redirection with a standard Internet URL.

* Custom web site

If you need to post material quickly or post material to supplement your corporate website, you can post it on your local hotComm ezPeer web site. Include some of the personal touches such as a photograph of the new baby -- that make you a valued sales rep, but that would be inappropriate for a corporate web site.