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Upgrade from Lite to Standard

You can upgrade from hotComm Lite to hotComm Standard. The time remaining on your current hotComm Lite license is converted to hotComm Standard time, pro-rated due to the difference in license prices. At the end of the upgrade, you will have fewer days remaining because a Standard license is more expensive than a Lite license.

For example, if you have 93 Lite days remaining, the upgrade converts that to 79 Standard days. Note: this calculation is as of 5/19/08; the conversion rate may change without notice.

During the upgrade, a new hotComm Standard registration is created automatically based on the email address in your hotComm Lite registration, plus information requested from you during the upgrade process.

Note that this upgrade is from Lite to Standard only. If you want to upgrade from Lite to Pro, please contact hotComm Sales or Support.

Important! Why Upgrade

Please do not upgrade to Standard just to solve a technical problem, a password problem, a connection problem or any other problem. Any technical problem you have with Lite will probably appear in Standard as well. If you are having a problem with hotComm Lite, please consult Support.

People normally upgrade to Standard in order to take advantage of features that Standard has that are not available in hotComm Lite. For a feature comparison, please see hotComm Lite to hotComm Standard Feature Comparison.

Note that we do not offer free or automatic downgrades from Standard to Lite, so please be sure that you are upgrading for the right reasons.

Upgrade steps

To upgrade:

  1. Start hotComm Lite, right-click the tiny headset icon in the lower right corner of your Windows taskbar, and select Upgrade to hotComm Standard.

  2. You are shown how many days of Standard time you will have, and when the Standard license expires, and asked whether you wish to proceed. Click Yes.

  3. Enter your first name, last name and phone number and click OK. This information is required for hotComm Standard registration.

  4. You are shown a list of steps that the upgrade follows. Click Yes to continue. The steps are:

    1. hotComm Standard is installed.
    2. Your Lite T'Scripts and Uploads folders are moved to hotComm Standard, so you don't lose the data.
    3. hotComm Lite is uninstalled.
  5. The Standard install begins. Follow the prompts and instructions in the installation screens. Note that you may be prompted to install the hotComm Mirror Driver. If you plan to present dynamic content (Timed Camera), select Yes to install the mirror driver, otherwise, select No.

  6. hotComm starts. You also see a page of upgrade tips, which introduce the most immediately used differences between Lite and Standard. See Upgrade Tips.

  7. hotComm makes an automatic export of your new regisration and license. You can use the website name and password to import copies of your new license into other computers.

  8. Your old Lite desktop shortcuts are removed when you refresh your desktop or restart your computer. To refresh your desktop, right-click on any empty space on your desktop and select Refresh.


If you get a message saying that your Password is Invalid, that means that you have registered hotComm Standard/Pro previously with the same email address. Send an email to Include your registration email address and ask for your original registration to be restored.

Updated June 9, 2008