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Typing in Hebrew

You can type in Hebrew in a hotComm room with right-to-left typing. Please use revision 7.50.048 or higher (released 9/22/09).


1.   Configure Windows for right-to-left typing

For Windows XP
In Control Panel, Regional & Language, under the Language tab, make sure that the check box is checked for Supplemental Language Support for Right-to-left typing.

For Vista
For Vista, in Control Panel, Regional & Language, make sure you select a keyboard that supports right-to-left typing.

2.   When you switch to Hebrew, your hotComm automatically switches to "Line-by-line" instead of "Word-by-Word". It then stays set to "Line-by-Line".

To see whether your current line mode setting is "Line-by-Line" or "Word-by-Word", click Preferences if you are using hotComm CL, or Options if you are using hotComm Lite or hotComm Standard/Pro.

Note: If "Word-by-Word" or "Line-by-Line" is grayed out and you want to change it yourself, click Click Session, then Close this Session to disconnect from the room. Then click Preferences or Options again.

3.   We expect that you are using a defined key sequence such as left-alt + shift to switch between languages.

4.   Private Messages are single language. You can send a Private Message in Hebrew or English or other language, but only in the one language. Switch to the language you want before you start the Private Message. Once you open the Private Message window, any language switch will not work.

Rev: 9/23/09