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Transcript Filter

This feature can be used by hotComm Pro moderators only. It is not available in hotComm CL, hotComm Lite, or hotComm Standard.

A room moderator can filter the typed comments that users post into the room transcript. The moderator can review the comment and then can:

- Accept it, allowing it to be displayed
- Reject it, preventing it from being displayed
- Hold it for later action

This allows you to answer some posts privately, and eliminate offensive posts.

Posts by moderators and CL presenters are not filtered.

For other transcript controls, see Room Controls.

Configuring Transcript Filtering on the server

Transcript Filtering must be configured on the server.

In the Room Profile on the Content Relay Manager, the default settings are configured for your room by the Content Relay Manager staff. The settings are:

Setting Description
Time till default How long the moderator has to review the post before the default action occurs.

  • 10-20 seconds is recommended for active review.

  • 0 (zero) means that all posts are held indefinately until the moderator acts on them.
Accept message by default If the time runs out, post the message into the transcript.
Remove it after process After the message has been accepted or deleted, remove it from the Transcript Filter Panel. Use this to keep the panel clear of clutter, if you don't want to save the contents.
Multiple reviewers Allow multiple moderators to review the posts at the same time. NOTE: although this setting exists, it is not allowed. Only one person can filter at a time.

Starting and Stopping Filtering

To start filtering a session, join the room, click Session, then check Filter Transcript. This puts the room into a "filtering" state.

When you are finished filtering, click Session and un-check the Filter Transcript item (which may be labeled "Filter Transcript" or "Transcript Filtering is On" or "Filter Transcript Off"). This turns off the room filtering state.

Important! You must turn off filtering when you are finished, or the room stays in a "filtering" state, which prevents you from starting filtering another time. Closing the room or the transcript filter panel does not remove the filtering state. If you join the room and the Filter Transcript item is grayed out, ask hotComm Support to reset it for your room.

Checking Filter Transcript opens the Transcript Filter Panel, where the users' posts appear, and which you use for actioning the posts. You can close and re-open this panel by clicking View, then Transcript Filter Panel.

Transcript Filter Panel
Action Instructions
Close panel Click the X in the upper right corner.
Open panel click View, then Transcript Filter Panel.
Undock panel Double-click the Transcript Filter Panel label on the side of the panel. This undocks the panel and makes the rest of the label visible.

When undocked, the Transcript Filter Panel label displays the Room Profile settings:

0m10s [Accept] (M)(D)
Entry Description
m Minutes until default action occurs.
s Seconds until default action occurs.
[Accept] What the default action is.
(M) Multiple moderators are allowed. Note: this option is no longer allowed.
(D) Remove it after process is selected.

Filtering Messages

Each user's message is posted in the Transcript Filter Panel. Messages from moderators and hotComm CL presenters are not filtered.

The moderator who is filtering actions can action each post, or let it default. Wait until the post is complete (turns bold) before actioning it. The actions are:

Action Description
Accept Left-click the [Accept] hotspot at the beginning of the message. This posts the message.
Hold or Reject Right-click the [Accept] hotspot and select from a menu of options. See the options below.
Default Do nothing, and let the default action occur.

The menu of options contains:

Option Description
Copy to Clipboard Copy the entire panel contents to the Windows clipboard. You can paste it from the clipboard into another program.
Print Print the entire panel contents.
Save Save the panel contents to a text file. Note that the contents are automatically saved when you close the panel, or when the panel contents are automatically cleared at midnight.

The contents are saved to your hotComm/USR folder, to a file named date-time-username-prefix Filter.txt.
Accept Post the selected message.
Hold Hold the selected message for later processing.
Reject Reject the selected message. Do not post it.
Reject and PM Reject the selected message, and open a Private Message window so you can send a private message to the user, perhaps answering their question or explaining why the message is inappropriate.
Accept all Post all messages that haven't been previously processed.
Reject all Reject all messages that haven't been previously processed.

Filtering notes
With filtering, Accept All and Reject All let you accept or reject posts in bulk. As an example, if many people post messages at the same time, you can right-click in the middle of the messages, and Accept All will allow them all to post immediately.

A "Reject All" will keep posts from appearing in the chat transcript window.

Reject on a one by one basis and they will not post to the transcript window. It will always post for the guest that typed the comment, so when a moderator rejects a post, he need not apologize for the comment not being posted, as the guest will think it has.

A BOLD line in the filter indicates the message is ready for auctioning. When the guest is still typing the line under the action remains light. Once they've finished and entered their comment, the line turns bold and can be actioned by the filterer.

If a post is put on "Hold", an auto-response goes back to the guest having posted the comment that states, "Thank you for your post. It has been received by the moderator. Someone will be with you shortly".

The hold action is particularly useful if the filtering moderator ultimately wants to "Reject" the post in a few minutes, OR would like to perform a "Reject/PM" which lets the filtering moderator send back a short PM explaining that they'd like to discuss this with the user more, or provide the correct email for where a question such as what the poster had asked about could best be answered, i.e. not in the public room.

In the OnlineTraderCentral events, the OTC staff member typically uses one computer for filtering, and another for posting private messages to guests who need help.

Edited: 2/11/2011
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