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hotComm Plus for Cl and Lite

hotComm Plus for CL and Lite

hotComm Plus is an upgrade to hotComm CL or hotComm Lite, providing unlimited lifetime access to more powerful features. The added features are the same for CL and Lite. Plus includes:

  • Plus users can choose multimedia recording (WMV) for both audio and charts where permitted instead of just audio. See http://www.hotcomm.com/guide/recordingCLandLite.asp. Click here to test .wmv recording.

    Watch Video Watch Demo Video | View a sample WMV file.

  • Plus users can create custom Abbreviation/Expansion messages to complement the standard set plus custom .wav files and emoticons. See www.hotcomm.com/guide/abbreviations.asp. And, you can create your own custom emoticons. See www.hotcomm.com/guide/emoticons.asp.

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  • Plus users have access to the hotScript feature to display postings from selected people only. You can get a sound alert when someone from your hotScript list posts. See www.hotcomm.com/guide/hotscript.asp.

    Watch Video Watch Demo Video

  • Plus users can drag-and-drop files into the typing area for posting into the room, and, where permitted, can send custom sounds into the room by dragging-and-dropping small .wav files onto the Sounds button.

  • Plus users are highlighted in the Invited List as a Plus user, with a special Platinum color.

  • But you can try it FREE in the hotComm Audio Test room. If you enjoy Plus, you can purchase a lifetime Plus feature-set upgrade for a one-time fee - visit www.hotcomm.com/order.asp and sign up now. Note: "lifetime" applies to the original email address used. It is not transferable to other email addresses. If you are using hotComm Lite, "lifetime" applies to the Plus features only -- you also need a regular license to connect to rooms.