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How to Move or Copy a hotComm Lite License

Document number: hlmfaq.003
Copyright (c) 2003-2008 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

Applies to: hotComm Lite, minimum version 3.50.003.

You can export a copy of your identity and license from one computer and import it into another computer. You can repeat that process multiple times to copy your identity/license to multiple computers. However, you can log in from only one computer at a time.

Note: when you put in a new unlock code, hotComm makes an automatic export that you can import. The temporary password is the last 4 characters of the unlock code you just entered.

Export License

To backup, move or copy a license from one computer to another, you export your license from one computer, and import it into another:

To export:

  1. Click Registration, then Export License. If this button is grayed out, disconnect from all rooms or sessions and try again.

  2. When prompted, enter a temporary password and click OK. Make note of the email address and password. They are needed when you import the license into another computer.

    Note: This step copies your license information to the 1stWorks VNS Server.

Import License

To import:

* If hotComm Lite is not installed on your computer, download and install it from

0. Optionally, disable your personal firewall. You can restart it after the import is successfully completed. [If you are uncomfortable disabling your personal firewall, first try the import without disabling the firewall. If that does not work, then disable your personal firewall and try again.]

1. Start hotComm Lite.

2. If you get the "Your hotComm Lite Identity" window, type this and click Import License:
Identity:       your-nickname
Email:        your-registration-email-address

Or, if you get the "license expired" message, click Enter Unlock and then Import License.

Or, select Registration and click Import License.

3. In Import License, enter this information and click OK:
Email address:    your-registration-email-address
Password:     your-temporary-password

4. Wait for the "Import Successful" message and click OK.

5. When hotComm Lite starts, close it, wait 20 seconds, and start it again. (Ignore any messages about expiration and nickname.)

6. If you get any messages about the nickname or time expired, close hotComm AGAIN and restart it AGAIN. (one time).

To verify the import, select Registration, then Profile Information.


What data must match?
The Email Address and temporary password.

How long is my license saved on the 1stWorks VNS server?
Approximately 30 days after export, or until you import it, whichever comes first.

Can I export a trial?
No. Trials and expired licenses cannot be exported. You can export only current, valid licenses.

How many times can I import an exported license?
You can repeat the export-import process as many times as you want. If you want to copy the license to more than 1 other computer, you do need to repeat the export before you import again. After an exported license is successfully imported, it is deleted from the 1stWorks VNS server.

Do I need an Unlock Code to import a license?
No. If you see a window with a message from hotComm Lite asking you to enter an Unlock Code, you can click either Enter Unlock Code, which takes you to the Registration window that you use to import the license, or Cancel.

Where do you store registration information?
Registration information is stored on your computer, not on the 1stWorks Servers. That is why you move a license from one computer to another rather than just download new information from a server.

Do I have to repeat this every time I buy a new license?
Yes. If you have copied your hotComm license/registration to other computers, remember to re-import your license into those computers. You can use the automatic export for this if you wish.