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Step-by-Step: hotComm Standard/Pro Installation

Document number: HLINI.01
Copyright (c) 2003 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

This document shows the hotComm Standard/Pro installation screens.

Installation Screens

  1. The installer starts.

    Wise splash screen

  2. Welcome: Click Next.


  3. Terms of Service: Read this carefully, and click I accept.

    Terms of Service

  4. Destination Location: Click Next to install in this location (strongly recommended).

    Choose Destination Location

  5. Program Group: Click Next to use this program group (strongly recommended).

    Select Program Group

  6. Installing: Files are copied.

    Installing files

  7. Smilecam Setup: Click Yes if you have a webcamera that can pan and tilt installed.


  8. Start hotComm on Windows Startup: Click No (you can change this setting later).

    Autostart option

  9. Upgrade Complete: Click Finish. If you are a new user, the Registration Wizard starts automatically.

    Note: if you plan to share a license between two computers and this is the second computer, click Exit. Do not register the second computer.
    See 1 License, 2 Computers.

    Upgrade complete

Attention! If you are prompted to start your computer, please do so.

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