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hotComm Room Shortcut Utility

Document number: HCDSu.01
Copyright (c) 2007 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

Desktop Shortcut Utility

This utility creates a desktop shortcut labeled "Connect to room on relay" that you can use to connect directly to a hotComm room.

  1. Download and install the utilityClick to download hotComm CL with room shortcut utility

  2. When you are prompted to add a shortcut, click Yes.

  3. In Room Shortcut Setup:

    For Relay Server, enter the relayserver your room is on, such as Relay3, DLR1, etc.

    For Room, enter the roomname you are given, such as: Support, Test, etc.

  4. Click OK.

  5. When you are prompted to add another shortcut, click No.

Connecting with the Desktop Shortcut

To connect directly to the relay and room you entered into the shortcut, double-click the "Connect to roomname on relayserver" shortcut icon.

Note: some people prefer to double-click the "hotComm CL" icon first to start hotComm CL, and then double-click the "Connect to roomname on relayserver" icon to connect to the room.

Note: if you have multiple hotComm products installed, this icon starts the one you used most recently.