Download or Update hotComm CL International (Spanish)

Download or Update hotComm CL International, which offers a choice of English or Spanish language versions of hotComm CL. hotComm CL runs in Windows. You can download and install it and use it in hotComm rooms and events that allow hotComm CL. If you already have hotComm CL installed, this installer updates it. An update replaces files in your existing hotComm CL installation. You do not need to uninstall before updating.

Note for Kaspersky users -- please configure Kaspersky for hotComm CL after you install and again after you upgrade, per our instructions at

How to Install or Update

Note: you MAY need to re-start your computer. We recommend that you close all other programs before you install or update.

To download and install or update hotComm CL:

  1. Click the Download CL International link.

    The current revision is: 8.00.012x (4.8Mb)
    Revision History

  2. Start the installer (hclsetupI.exe). Note that it may start automatically. Follow instructions in the installation screens.

  3. If this is a new install, you should see a "Your hotComm CL Identity" window. Type in your Name or Nickname, which is the name you want to be known as in the room. Type in your Email Address and click OK. This creates your hotComm CL registration.

  4. At the end of the installation program, hotComm CL starts.

    If your privacy or security products challenge hotComm CL, always allow full access rights.

  5. If you get a message saying you need to update, it usually means that you have a copy of the old installer saved on your computer. Click here for information About the Update Notice.
Security and Privacy product note
Check your privacy and security products to make sure that they allow hotComm to access the Internet, and also allow you to access these addresses:,, For information about some firewall products, see Firewalls.

Note for Kaspersky users (including the Shield Deluxe and Paralells Internet Security) -- please configure Kaspersky for hotComm CL after you install and again after you upgrade, per our instructions at

About the Update Notice

The Update notice means that your copy of hotComm CL is not updated to the revision required for the room you want to join.

To see your full revision number, click Help, then About hotComm CL.

If you get the "Update required" notice, you probably have an old copy of the installer saved on your computer. (Windows or a Download Manager may be running the saved copy instead of the new one you just downloaded.) To fix this, delete any saved copies of hclsetupI.exe, delete Temporary Internet Files, and try again.

How to Delete Saved Installers

Find and delete all copies of the installation program (hclsetupI.exe):

In Windows XP:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu. Select Search or Find.

  2. Select Files and folders, and type hclsetupI.exe as the filename. Click Search.

  3. Highlight all files that were found and press the Delete key.

  4. Close the search or find windows.

In Windows Vista or Windows7:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu.

  2. In the Start Search box above the Start button, type hclsetupI.exe.

  3. This brings up a list of files. Find all instances of hclsetupI.exe and delete them.

Test Audio and Connection

  1. Important! To verify that your computer will work correctly with hotComm technology, click this link: Audio Test and wait at least 15 seconds for the pre-recorded message. The hotComm CL password is: test.

  2. Disconnect from the Audio Test room and connect to your room or webinar.
If you have audio problems, click this link to see Trouble Shooting Audio (in English).

Only if you are a current CL user, then please read the following.

Introducing hotComm Plus - an innovative CL license providing unlimited lifetime access to more powerful features.

  • hotComm Plus users can choose multimedia recording in the industry-standard .wmv format for both audio and charts where permitted instead of just audio.
  • hotComm Plus users can create custom Abbreviation/Expansion messages to complement the standard set. You can add your own custom .wav files and emoticons.
  • hotComm Plus users have access to the hotScript feature to isolate transcript postings to display only those from their preferred colleagues.
  • hotComm Plus users will be highlighted in the Room List as a hotComm Plus user. Your lifetime hotComm Plus license one time fee is only $65.95 so install the regular Upgrade then visit our order page and sign up now.

Your lifetime hotComm Plus upgrade one time fee is only $65.95 visit our order page and sign up now.