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hotComm Meeting Rooms

Join our community today. Click on one of the links below link to meet, to share, to explore mutual interests with other visitors. Join a room, chat with others, hear their voices, see their Webcam images and share files securely.

If you want to Speak to the Group, or supply content, just download hotComm Lite now. Run it and minimize it and click the link below to enter the room. Most Rooms here (unless specified) are on Target:Relay3 and the Room name as listed above each graphic. To simply visit and listen, click on the Room button and check it out.

Important Note: These Rooms are NOT Moderated! As such, 1stWorks Corp. cannot be held responsible for content or conduct in the rooms. Please report any problems or abuse to [email protected] . Please Act Respectfully!

   Entertainment    LiveMusic    Business    Stocks

Chat with other singles.


Discuss Music, Movies, TV and more.


Meet the STARS of Tomorrow, Today!


Discuss business and Entrepreneurship.


Discuss financial trading of Stocks, Futures & Bonds.

Cars    Computers    Cooking    --{Relay}--

Buying cars, selling cars, repairing cars...


Discuss all things computerese.


Visit with other cooks online.


Discuss humanist philosophies with others.


Discuss Fitness, Diet and Medical issues.

History    Pets    Politics    Sports    Travel

All History: political, art, modern or ancient.


Discuss and share pet issues.


There is plenty to talk about.


Discuss your favorite sports.


Flying, sailing, driving, vacationing!

Trivia    Chess    --{Relay}--

Trivia and more...


Challange the Masters


Test your Audio System for hotComm


hotComm and it's many application


Talk to hotComm's Sales Staff.

1stWorks Corporation provides theses Community rooms under its standard Terms of Use policy, and reserves the right to terminate access or availability in its sole discretion. The use of public rooms for commercial actitvities of any kind is expressly prohibited.