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Tech Support Exerpts

Document number: faq.200000.01
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Excerpts from Technical Support incidents

Questions are boldface. Answers are preceded with “-”.

  1. How do I save transcript files and audio recording files?

    - When you leave a room, you are prompted to save the transcript. It is saved in your hotComm T'SCRIPTS folder. Or, you can click the button that looks like a diskette, and save it whenever you like. (If you do not have a row of buttons on top of your hotComm window, right-click the Smiley face icon and uncheck Simple Control, select Show and check Toolbar.)

    - Audio recordings are saved in the hotComm T'SCRIPTS folder, as .WAV files. Click the A button to start and stop recording.

  2. When I leave the room the camera shots that were posted are gone. I thought that the complete transcripts with all posted data including camera shots were supposed to remain? I have left the session to later return and find I have lost all that valuable data. What happens to my recording under the same circumstances?

    - Timed Camera charts posted by a moderator (someone with a blue icon before their name) are automatically saved in your hotComm UPLOADS folder.

    - Graphics posted by participants appear in the transcripts as links. They are saved to your UPLOADS folder if you click on them. When you click on one of those links, it appears on your desktop, not in the room.

    - When a participant who posted one of those links leaves the room, his links are removed from the transcript because it is no longer possible to get the graphic from him.

  3. Can participants take pictures of info of interest without it being posted in the room? A participant should be free to use his camera without cluttering the transcript panel with his personal shots and w/out disturbing the moderator. Is that possible?

    - Any picture you take with a hotCam camera is posted to the entire room. However, as a participant, the graphics are posted as a link, rather than being immediately broadcast to everyone.

    - If you want to share your pictures with only 1 person, you could invite them into a Private Session and show the picture there.