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Messages - Import/Export

Document number: msg_imex01
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Import/Export Error Messages

These are messages you may see during your import or export of a hotComm license or identity:

  • Import Error: Unknown reason (ans:XXXX)

    Unidentified error

  • Import Error: No data was returned for USER

    No information was returned from import

  • Import Error: Invalid user data for USER

    User Data returned was invalid

  • Import Error: Data is corrupted for USER

    Data returned was corrupted

  • Import Error: Request timed out

    System timed out waiting for a response from the VNS Server

  • Import Error: Invalid key specified (VNS record not found)

    The E-mail Address/Domain Name was not previously exported up to the VNS Server

  • Import Error: Bad password given

    The Password given was invalid for the exported data with the given E-mail Address/Domain Name

  • Import Error: User not authorized as sysop

    The current user is not a hotComm System Administrator

  • Import Error: VNS has dupe key for this key (can't add/delete)

    The system already has an entry for theis Email Address/Domain Name (export only)

  • Import Error: VNS down or busy

    The VNS Server is currently down or unavailable

  • Import Error: File i/o error on VNS

    There is a problem downloading the exported data from the VNS Server