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How to Unlock/Purchase hotComm

Document number: hcfaq.002
Copyright (c) 2003 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

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When you purchase hotComm, you are sent an email containing an Unlock Code. The email comes from 1stWorks Sales ([email protected]) and goes to the address you gave PayPal.

To apply the unlock code:

  1. Open the email containing the Unlock Code.

  2. Highlight all 24 characters, starting with the 3-character code at the beginning, and press CTRL+C (the control key and C at the same time).

    Register window

  3. Start hotComm. Look for the hotComm icon (headset) in the lower right corner of your screen (near the Time)...

    hotComm Lite icon location

    ... and wait for hotComm to go online.

    hotComm Lite icon location

  4. Right-click on the hotComm icon (that is, click with your right mouse button) and select My Info & Registration from the menu.

    (If this option is grayed out, wait until the ears on the headset icon turn red and blue and then right-click the icon.)
    hotComm Lite icon menu

  5. In My Profile Information, click the Enter Unlock button.

    Register window

  6. Click in the white space next to Unlock code, and then press CTRL+V (the control key and V at the same time).

    This copies the unlock code into the white space. (Note: make sure there aren't any blank spaces before or after the code.)

    Register window

  7. Click Enter. (Note: the Enter button is grayed out until you enter the correct number of characters in the Unlock code field.)

  8. Wait for a response from us. You should see the message "Unlock code processed".

    If you see the message: "No response from registration server. Please try again later", please click Cancel and try again later.

    Register window

  9. Click Done to close the My Profile Information window.