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How to update hotComm

Document number: HCIN.2090001
Copyright (c) 2003 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

Also see Troubleshooting


These are instructions for upgrading hotComm Standard or Pro to a newer version:

  1. Do NOT uninstall!

    Install the update into the same location as your previous installation. This may replace some files and add some others.

  2. Click this graphic to download (copy) the hotComm installer to your computer:

    update hotComm

  3. When prompted, choose to open or run (not SAVE) the installation program file. The installation program file is named: hCsetupx.exe.

    Download hotComm

  4. You should see a progress bar, showing the installation file being downloaded.

    If you do NOT see the progress bar, see How to Delete Prior Installation Files, and try again.

    Progress Bar

  5. The installer starts automatically.

  6. Follow the instructions in the installation program.

    If you see a message telling you that the current version is already on your system, see How to Delete Prior Installation Files, and try again.

    Same version

    Click for Step-by-Step installation screens.

  7. Start hotComm

    At the end of the update, hotComm starts automatically.

    Wait while hotComm goes online (connects to the 1stWorks VNS server). When hotComm is online, then you can coonect to others and accept calls from them.

    Am I online yet?

    Look at the hotComm icon in the lower right corner of your Windows taskbar near the time. It is a headset. When the earphones turn red and blue, hotComm Lite is online. When the earphones are white, it is offline.

    It may take time for hotComm to go online, so please wait. If hotComm never goes online, contact 1stWorks Support.

    Where are the icons?

    See a screenshot.

Avoid restarting your computer! To avoid having to restart your computer the next time you update, start your existing version of hotComm. Then download, but close hotComm after you see the first installation screen. Continue with the update installation.

For more on how to use hotComm, see the online hotComm Help.

For customer support, see the 1stWorks Support website.