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Step-by-Step: hotComm Standard/Pro Registration

Document number: HCR.01
Copyright (c) 2003 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

This document shows example hotComm Standard/Pro registration screens.

Registration Screens

Unique email address required: Do not register the same email address more than once, even if you have uninstalled and are now reinstalling, or if you are trying to move hotComm to another computer. Use a different email address, or contact 1stWorks Support.

Second computer: Do not register a second computer if you plan to share the license between two computers (such as your home and office computers). See 1 License, 2 Computers.

  1. Welcome: Click Next if you are a new user. Otherwise, click Exit.

    New User

  2. Account creation/validation: Enter the information and click Next.

    • First and last name: enter your name.
    • Nickname: this is your identity name, which others see.
    • Email address: register any email address only once.
    • Telephone: enter your telephone.
    • Password: enter a password of your choice and confirm it.

    • Website: choose a name you like. (This becomes part of a standard web address for accessing certain pages on your computer, and people can call into you using this address. The full addresses are: and See IM-Live and ezPeer in the online User Guide.)

    The Next button turns black when all information has been filled in and your two password entries match.

    Enter registration info

  3. Registration verification: review, and click Next.

    Review information

  4. Registration Activation Key

    As of the 7.20 revision, hotComm Standard/Pro no longer requires that you type in an 44-character activation key. Activation is automatic. You may receive an email with an 44-character activation key, but you can disregard it.

  5. Finish: Click Finish. hotComm starts automatically after registration.


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