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hotComm CL and hotComm Lite

Document number: CLHL:01
Copyright (c) 2004 1stWorks Corporation. All rights reserved.

This document is for people who are converting from hotComm CL to hotComm Lite, or who are installing hotComm Lite in addition to hotComm CL.

Before you begin      Lite FAQ      Install Lite

Before you Begin

Uninstall hotComm CL, or set hotComm CL so it does NOT start automatically when Windows starts, and make sure you completely exit hotComm CL before you start hotComm Lite.

Note: if you usually click on a hotLink on a web page to join your room, click Cancel when see the hotComm Lite Connection Window. Then click on the hotLink as usual.

How do I uninstall hotComm CL?
Click your Windows Start menu, then Programs or All Programs, then 1stWorks Corporation, then hotComm CL, then Uninstall hotComm.

How do I set hotComm CL so it does not start automatically?
Right-click the headset icon in your Windows icon/system tray and uncheck Auto start hotComm.

How do I exit hotComm CL?
To exit the hotComm CL program, right-click the headset icon in your Windows icon/system tray and click Exit. The headset icon then disappears from your Windows icon/system tray. (Note: if you just close the hotComm CL window without clicking Exit, hotComm Cl remains running in the background.)

hotComm CL starts up when I try to start hotComm Lite
Right-click the headset icon in your Windows icon/system tray and select Exit. That completely closes the hotComm CL program. Then, try starting hotComm Lite again.

hotComm Lite FAQ

Can I install hotComm CL and hotComm Lite on the same computer?
Yes, you can install both products on the same computer. However, you can run ony one at a time. Make sure you exit or uninstall hotComm CL before you try to start hotComm Lite.

Do I get activation keys and unlock codes?
Yes. When you install hotComm Lite, you register an identity with us, and we email you an 8-character activation key, which activates the identity. Then, when you purchase a license, we email you a 24-character unlock code, which activates your license time.

Do I register an identity for hotComm Lite?
Yes. With hotComm Lite, you register an identity, based on an email address. When you register, you are emailed an 8-character Activation Key, to activate the identity.

Do I purchase a license for hotComm Lite?
Yes. After a free trial period, you purchase a license. When you purchase, you are emailed a 24-character Unlock Code, to activate the license time. For prices and purchasing information, see Buy Now at Note that the free trial period applies only to the first time you install hotComm Lite.

Can I use my hotComm Lite license on more than one computer?
Yes. You can export a copy of your license from computer #1 and import it into computer #2. See 1 License, 2 Computers.

Can I still join a room by clicking on a weblink?
Yes. When the hotComm Lite Connection window pops-up, click Cancel. Then, in your browser, click on the weblink as usual.

Can I get rid of the Connection window?
Yes. To avoid seeing the Connection window, uncheck the Pop up dialog on startup box.

Install and Register hotComm Lite

  1. Exit hotComm CL. Right-click the hotComm headset icon in your Windows icon/system tray and select Exit.

    It is important that you exit hotComm CL that way, because clicking the WIndows Close (X) button in the hotComm window closes the window without exiting the program.

  2. Follow instructions in How to Install hotComm Lite. These guide you through downloading, installing, registering and starting hotComm Lite.

  3. When your hotComm Lite trial period ends, purchase a license online at the Buy Now section of our website,